RFQ solution helps connect HubSpot users with HubSpot experts, solutions partners, and agencies. Through the use of HubSpots API's RFP solutions can interact directly with your HubSpot account, allowing RFQ solution to add records to your CRM, Deals, and Company pages. As well as, creating new projects, and accepting quotes directly from your HubSpot portal.


Create a new project anywhere.

When you create a new project in RFQ Solution, we automatically send that new project card to your Company page in HubSpot CRM.  The details of this new project will be visible in the right hand column of your CRM page under My Projects. 

From the My Projects section in the Company page of HubSpot CRM you can edit or delete projects by selecting the card you wish to edit, or create a new project by clicking the more actions button.   New projects will be added to your My Account page in RFQ solution.

Automatically add Deals

When you quote on any project in RFQ solution, you have the opportunity to add a new deal to HubSpot. This will automatically create a deal for you in your HubSpot portal allowing you to prospect your way in your pipeline.   

Future Features Coming soon.

Update timelines.

Communication is the most important part of any negotiation. When you update a project or submit a quote this update will be logged in the timeline section of the CRM. For projects the update will be visible in your Company page, and for quotes the update will be noted in your Deals timeline. 

Future Features Coming soon.

Never miss an opportunity.

With RFQ solution you can set up notifications to tell you when a new project matching your selected skills has been posted.  View a list of potential matches in the Opportunities section of Deals in HubSpot CRM.